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Metallic Epoxy Coatings

It isn’t every day in the concrete coatings world that you come across something truly awe inspiring. Metallic type coatings just might change the way you look a floors and epoxy coatings.

Combining the latest technology with creative design and a unique coloration method you can now achieve one of the coolest looks from your epoxy floor coating using a combination of epoxy and metallic flake and pigments.

The concept of using metallics in coatings is not new but has been refined so that it can be done fairly easily by the Professional. The Lava Flow Metallics are an interior grade 100% solids epoxy floor coating system. The finished look is a smooth, glass like finish that has a unique an subtle reflective sparkle.

No two floors will ever look the same. there are endless creative techniques that can be used, to create a style that you can call your own. Just make sure, that the installation includes four (4) levels of installations, to make your floor great.

Metallic colors have a glimmering effect and can be as subtle or as radical as you like. Our Company has everything you need to create your very own eye opening and powerful metallic coating floor in your garage, home or commercial space.

We have 18 Samples of Colors, for your to review, before you final selection.

Lava Metallic effect epoxy flooring is a popular choice for many types of homes and businesses because of its combination of appearance, durability, and value. An epoxy coating is not paint. Rather, it is a thermosetting resin that is applied to a floor as a coating. Epoxide resin is mixed with a polyamine hardener. The mixture cures and forms a layer that is strong and much thicker than paint.

The Lava Metallic Epoxy floor coatings offer several benefits over other types of flooring. Epoxy resists damage from impacts, chipping, chemicals, stains, and surface abrasions. Epoxy coatings can also effectively cover up imperfections in concrete. Concrete flooring has a tendency to shed dusty powder, but epoxy eliminates this effect. Epoxy concrete coatings also resist moisture and are easy to clean with mild soap and water. Slip-resistant aggregate can be added to the top coat to create a non-skid surface.

The Lava Metallic Epoxy System is also a popular choice for garage floors because it can resist damage and stains from tools, oil, fluids, and chemicals. Metallic effect epoxy floor coatings are also a wise choice for a variety of other locations, including homes, salons, gyms, sports arenas, showrooms, stores, malls, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, and schools.

Lava Metallic effect epoxy coatings provide better lighting because epoxy is a naturally reflective material. It is also less expensive than other types of flooring, making it an economical alternative. With metallic effect epoxy flooring, one base color is generally used. But, you have the option to add one or two other accent colors. The colors fuse while wet to create unique patterns and a seamless appearance. It is one of a kind.

A concrete floor must be properly prepared before an epoxy coating is applied to achieve the best results. Floor grinding, is generally required to make the epoxy coating adhere well to the surface. It is also necessary to patch or repair any cracks in the floor.

After the primers are applied, the bottom line is, colors. That is what separates a normal looking metallic floor to a great looking metallic floor. Normally, it is two colors combined that look the best. But, even a single color will be better than the alternative.

Basic Information for your final decision.



Lava Metallic Floors, for any type of Concrete Surface.

Metallic Epoxy Floor System Installation Steps:

1...Surface Preparation: Patch, repair chips and cracks, grind the floor, and completely clean the entire concrete surface.

2...Primer Coat: Prime the surface of the concrete with a solvent based epoxy primer to seal-off and create a proper bond to the concrete substrate. Important for "gassing" problems or potential "gassing" problems. Combined, the primers are about 21 mil thickness.

3...Metallic Base Coat: Apply the Metallic colored base coat, this creates the field and overall color of the floor. This process also acts as a primer.

4...Metallic Effects Coloration: Mix the desired Metallic powdered pigment into a 100% solids epoxy and apply to create the desired effect.

5...Clear Protective Topcoat: Coat the entire surface with a 100% polyaspartic or Polyurea for maximum
"bulletproof" protection.

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