Frequently Asked Questions


Home Lava Metallic is a division of Totally Restored Concrete Products Company.

What type of coating systems do you use? Most companies just use Epoxy, don’t they?

Totally Restored Concrete Products Company Floors Coating systems are proven polymer chemistry products. Totally Restored Concrete Products Company Floors systems are superior to Epoxy from the standpoint of installation time and return to service, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, long-term durability, maintenance and shine.

My house is brand new. How will you prepare the floor before coating it?

New or old, we start by treating the floor with scrubbing and cleaning with an approved process. Also, any areas of concrete or stucco spillage, oil, grease stains are treated and degreased. We then prepare the concrete. If required, the garage floor could also be treated by either grinding, or shot-blasting the surface.

I have some small cracks in my floor. What will be done with these?

All open cracks, including those in your expansion or “tool” joints, if applicable, will be repaired. Additionally, larger surface imperfections will also be repaired. Extensive crack and/or patch repairs may be subject to additional charges.

How long does the entire process take, and when can I put my car back in the garage?

The Totally Restored Concrete Products Company Floors Coating system can be installed in just one day. You may park in your garage and have full use of it just 36-96 hours later. Weather conditions (i.e., low temperatures, high humidity) may extend the installation and return to service times.

My garage is full of stuff. What do we do with it while the floor is being coated?

It is the homeowners’ responsibility to remove all possessions from the garage. Typically we recommend that your items be stored as much as possible inside the home, however in most cases the best location becomes a covered patio or side yard. There are many temporary storage solutions available regionally today. We will help if required, and somethimes at a cost, depends on the "amount".

I’ve heard polyurethane is flammable? And what about the smell?

Totally Restored Concrete Products Company Floors Coating systems Hybrid Polymer chemistry utilizes zero VOC technology and is free of solvents. They are non-flammable and non-hazardous to people, pets and the environment.

What is the best method to clean my new floor?

We recommend mixing 5 – 6 ounces of CLEAR ammonia per gallon of water in a mop bucket. A large headed string or rag mop works best, with a wringer mechanism on your mop bucket. For Totally Restored Concrete Products Company Floors fine chip systems, we recommend hosing the floor with a standard garden hose with spray nozzle attachment, then utilizing a foam squeegee to remove the excess water from the floor. Special Note: We highly recommend against the use of any soap based product, as these leave a film which not only reduces the shine in the floor, but can also become extremely slippery when the floor gets damp or wet.

How long will my floor last?

Totally Restored Concrete Products Company Floors Coating systems, with their revolutionary Hybrid Polymer technology, have a life expectancy of 10 years plus under normal care and use. With the stronger top seals, to the life of the House. But, if the top seal wears, all you need to do is replace the top seal. You simply "grind" off the top surface, clean, and apply a new seal.

What is the Warranty?

All of our floor coating systems are backed by our limited warranty against delamination, staining, or defects in materials and/or workmanship. Consult us for specific details.